Formulate--ing my Hair

If you've been following me for awhile, you know I've trying to transition to mostly cruelty free products. I finally figured out my skincare and my home products and was really excited with Formulate reached out to me for a partnership. I was really inconsistent with my hair products and was on the hunt for an animal friendly brand. Turns out Formulate is sulfate, paraben, dye, preservative, AND cruelty free!

The process:

I took a quick survey and answered simple questions like the natural color of my hair, texture. thickness, length, etc. I identified my goals: anti frizz, color protection, lengthen, mend split ends, and deep conditioning. I also got to pick the fragrance and how strong I wanted my shampoo and conditioner to smell (verdant, light).

The review:

I was really excited when I received my box from Formulate--the bottles and packaging were beautiful. The scent was exactly what I wanted and wasn't overpowering. The shampoo and conditioner both felt light and I immediately felt a difference in my hair. I was most excited about my post-shower comb. I usually have a really hard time getting knots out but my hair was instantly softer and more manageable.

Six weeks in, my hair feels healthier (although I have bleached again since starting Formulate!). I have less frizz and my hair feels softer. I've heard the switch to sulfate free products can sometimes leave you feeling greasy but I had used sulfate free products in the past and had no negative feelings when I finally fully made the switch.

Formulate doesn't currently have a purple shampoo but I've been using purple dye drops every morning. I get brassy quickly and found that I still needed to tone especially since the shampoo was dye free.

I loved my box from Formulate and my new hair (thank you Formulate!)

Click here for a chance to win your own set (and good luck!).

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