My Skincare Routine with OSEA Malibu

That's me. Without makeup.

I've worn a full face of makeup daily since the seventh grade and my routine has pretty much stayed the same. After moving to Texas, I really wanted to start focusing on my skin. It's so hot--it just feels better not to drip foundation.

By now I'm sure you have seen quite a bit on my skincare routine but I am so excited to have my skin where I've always hoped it would be. I very rarely break out (although--full disclosure, Spironolactone has also been a life saver).

I never thought I would comfortably share a picture of myself sans makeup on the internet but I have OSEA Malibu (and my consistency!) to thank.

A normal morning typically includes washing my face, the Sea Vitamin Boost, the Vitamin Sea Serum, and some Blemish Balm. Repeat in the evening but swap for the Brightening Serum.

I've dealt with pigmentation my entire life and recently started using the Vitamin C Probiotic. I mix some powder with water in my palm and scrub. I am no stranger to chemical exfoliants but I really love the grit of the polish. My skin feels clean and have noticed a difference in pigmentation after using for a few weeks (I only use the polish 1-2x per week).

I see the same questions every time I post about OSEA:

Do you really like the product?

Yes. It's almost all I use (I am still on a few prescriptions). I've tried a lot of skincare and keep coming back to OSEA. It has helped clear my skin and has never been irritating (I can be really sensitive sometimes).

I want to start with one thing--what would you recommend?

This is hard. OSEA's serums are all great. I love how quick they absorb; I've had trouble layering skincare or even sunscreen in the morning after trying a few other brands. The Brightening Serum is my favorite. I also love the Blemish Balm. My skin feels hydrated but never greasy.

If you're deciding on a mask, the Black Algae Flash Mask is my go-to. You only leave it on for 5 minutes and it helps clear breakouts.

You can read more about OSEA here, here, and here. I love these guys.

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