Failed TNR

I've always been passionate about animals. I volunteered at an animal shelter in Chicago before getting Nora (our dog). I tried to get into bottle feeding kittens in Austin and am always doing what I can to support rescues (check out some of my favorites here, here and here). I had noticed a few stray cats in our neighborhood and wanted to get involved in the trap, neuter, release community in Austin. You can read more about TNR here.

I slowly started befriending one of our neighborhood strays, Orange Cat. I posted on Next Door and Facebook hoping someone would lend a hand, some advice, or a crate. I came home from work one day and Orange Cat looked rough--he had definitely gotten into a fight with another animal. He couldn't open his left eye and his mouth was cut open.

I couldn't wait for help--I grabbed our cat carrier, forced him in (yeah...don't do that), and took him to our local shelter. A few days later, he made his way back to the neighborhood. The shelter neutered him, treated his injuries, and got rid of his fleas. He kept coming around for breakfast and dinner and my evenings slowly transitioned to stoop beers to hang out with him.

As our days (and nights) got hotter, I kept thinking about him. After a lot of tears, Taner agreed to let him in. I never expected to say this, but we are now a family of 6 (in an 800 square foot home).

I've never met a friendlier cat. He snuggles with us every night and is slowly warming up to the other animals. I didn't think failed TNR was a thing--but I'm so happy this dude chose us.

The day after he came in, we noticed another orange cat outside who is definitely feral. I'm looking to buy a crate to start this new TNR journey. Wish me luck. The next orange cat won't be coming inside.

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