Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

I've always been obsessed (for lack of better word) with my teeth. I recently told my dentist she had my dream job. I've also whitened as far back as I can remember. I was previously a fan of using whitening strips until I started to get some weird side effects.

A few years ago (after years and years of sporadically whitening), I started experiencing extreme sensitivity, pain, and occasional bleeding (gross!). I decided to brave strips once more for my wedding and swore I'd never use them again.

Seems like Smile Brilliant was reading my mind and reached out at just about the same time. As most of you know, I am trying to use more vegan products. I started with skincare and makeup, worked my way to household cleaners, and am always on the hunt for any animal friendly products. Smile Brilliant is VEGAN!

I was worried about my sensitivity but the desensitizing gel (I'll get to that later) works magic. My teeth are white and hot and cold foods no longer bother me. I haven't experienced any of that weird whitening sensitivity I had grown accustom to.

How I use Smile Brilliant:

-brush with only water

-use the whitening gel for 45 minutes-1 hour. I put on my favorite show, set a timer, and hang out.

-I then use the desensitizing gel. You can keep the gel on for as long as you'd like (or can even sleep in it) but I typically try to leave it on for at least another 45 minutes

This process is longer than what I was used to but my teeth are whiter than ever before. I notice a significant difference after removing the trays.

I've gotten into a routine of using Smile Brilliant on our nights in. Netflix + whiten? Yes please.

Some of my favorite things about Smile Brilliant:

-they're vegan!

-the custom fitted trays stay in place and don't slip around like my strips would

-the whitening gel is placed throughout the whole tray meaning my back teeth are whitened too! Strips only covered my front teeth and left me self conscious when I smiled.

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