OSEA Masks

It's no secret I love OSEA Malibu. I've been using their products for awhile now after making the switch to mostly vegan skin care. My face has never felt better.

OSEA has new packaging for their masks; they sent a few my way. I love how beautiful the jars are! I had previously tried both the White and Red Algae masks but this was my first encounter with the Black Algae Flash Mask.

The website warns that the mask is highly active--I was a little worried and unsure of what to expect. That said, I didn't feel much when putting on the mask and my skin felt soft and clean after using. I had a little bit of redness that went away within a few minutes. The jar recommends using for 3-5 minutes--it's great to have a quick mask option.

After almost a year of using OSEA Malibu products, my skin is softer, my acne has cleared, and I am starting to see stubborn dark spots fade. Maybe some day I'll be brave enough to show you a before and after. Maybe.

You can check out some of my favorite OSEA products HERE.

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