Five Years

Taner and I met six-ish years ago on a street corner during a festival in Chicago. We went to the same college, worked for the same company, and had a lot of friends in common. We continued running into each other. In 2013, Taner and I met again at a birthday party.

I had had too much wine and this was his second stop of the evening. I accidentally walked in on him using the bathroom and he insisted on calling me Josev for the rest of the night. He offered me a ride home on his motorcycle.

It was my first time on a bike and I couldn't have been more excited...and I was really happy for the chance to hang out with him. I told him he was cool. He said nothing, dropped me off, and rode away. A few weeks later, the internet worked it's magic and we had a date planned.

I burned my leg on his motorcycle on our first date. On our second, I melted my shoe. He later told me he remembered thinking that I talked too much. Five years later, I'm still clumsy and have a hard time shutting up.

T-man, thanks for making the past five years so great. Thanks for all the times you shoveled my car out of the snow in Chicago. Thanks for driving our pets and all of our belongings over 1,000 miles to our new home. Thanks for being so patient every time I dropped one of your motorcycles when learning how to ride. Thanks for repeating jokes, starting bonfires, and being the all around great dude you are. I love you. It's so cool to call you my husband. Five years down, forever to go.

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