The Twist Off--Again

Taner and I headed to Revival Cycle's Twist Off a few weeks ago. We brought my scooter (named Scoot Scoot), Taner's newest motorcycle project (we call her Lil' Suzy), and his old Suzuki. We spent a few days camping and dirt/drag racing. I won my first race which was surprising--the Scoot Scoot is a 49cc which means it can go up to 38 MPH on a good day. We also had a few beers over bonfires and I rode a mechanical bull for the first time (ouch--those bruises were no joke).

Taner is heading back to school in January and his firefighter timeline has moved up significantly. We are so excited for what next year has to bring and I am taking in all the time we spend together before next year gets a little crazy .

We love the Twist Off and will be back next year--I'm ready to win more races (maybe on a faster scoot next time).

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