Life Lately

I feel like I am always surprised by how quickly time moves. How is it already mid June? How have we almost been engaged for three months? How have we lived in Austin for almost two years?!

I've been focusing on wedding planning. We were lucky enough to book a venue almost immediately and everything else quickly fell into place. We have a few talented friends who have been so helpful, it's so exciting to see our dream day come to reality. Vintage car, cheesecake, and our pup as a wedding guest? Yes please.

Taner is in his second round of interviews to become a fireman (fingers crossed!). He also has a record amount of motorcycles in his garage and has been working hard on helping our friends restore their bikes.

Our time off together has mostly been spent working out and napping. Our days off are definitely different from what they used to look like but some rest during these hot Texas months is so needed.

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