OSEA Malibu Skin Care

I've been looking for a new skin care regime. I want flawless wedding skin (who doesn't?) and am slowly trying to transition off of a few harsh prescriptions I've been on for years. I recently found my first wrinkle and would like to start taking better care of my skin. I'm a long term vegetarian (about to hit 10 years!) and am trying to be more aware of animal testing--I am drawn to products that do not test on animals or are vegan. I feel so lucky to have found OSEA Malibu.

I explained my skin concerns to the the team at OSEA and they sent me a few products they thought I'd like.

Blemish Balm

I never moisturized before receiving the Blemish Balm--bad, I know. I've tried to many in the past that have left me very shiny and I gave up on finding the right product. This balm is really light and gives me a glow without leaving me too glossy.

Ocean Cleansing Mudd

I was so impressed with how clean this cleanser got my skin. I've used others in the past that haven't removed all makeup or oil, the cleansing mudd makes my face look clean without making my skin dry.

Red Algae Mask

This mask is my favorite product from OSEA. You can use it as a weekly detoxifier or can also use it as a spot treatment. Previous spot treatments have been really bright colored, I like that this mask makes me look less silly when spot treating at night. The mask does not dry my skin and after a few uses has left me feeling great.

I was really nervous to start a new skin care regimen but am so excited to have found what works for me. Cruelty free and great for my skin? I'll take it.

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