Taner and I met about five years ago at a street fest in Chicago. We both worked for the same company, went to the same college, and had a lot of mutual friends--I had heard a lot about him. Over the next year, we kept running into each other. I'd always had a thing for him.

Four years ago, I went to a good friend's birthday party and ran into Taner again. I had an unfortunate experience on the train on my way to the party. He offered me a ride home on his motorcycle (I had always wanted to ride on one!). After one too many glasses of wine, I told him how I felt. A few days later, he asked me on a date.

I burned my leg on the exhaust of his motorcycle on our first date and melted my shoe on the second. I moved out of the condo I owned to be with him less than a year later and everything else is history.

On Thursday, we took a last minute camping trip to Enchanted Rock with our pup, Nora. We left early in the morning and stopped for breakfast at a cafe we had always wanted to try. We then got to the park, set up our tent, and went on a hike. After an hour or so of hiking, we crossed a river and got wet. I sat on the side of Enchanted Rock to fit my boots, Taner and Nora sat down next to me. I wasn't paying attention--I looked down and Taner was holding the ring. I gasped, said "oh my God" and "I love you" a lot of times, and kissed him a bunch. I was so excited, I forgot to put it on.

I am looking forward to finalizing details, heading to Palm Springs for a bachelorette party, and celebrating the next ten months with my friends, family, and fiance.

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