Life Lately

Last week we headed to Revival Cycle's dirt/drag races where Taner raced for the first time. We brought what we call the Big Suzuki--Taner's best long distance bike. The Suzuki wasn't working when he bought it on Craigslist a few years ago. After a lot of time, hard work, and love, the Big Suzuki has become our favorite motorcycle to take on trips. Taner won 2/5 of his races--I am so proud! We want to bring a few different bikes and my scooter to race next year.

We had family visit for Thanksgiving and have also been working on the garage. On our free time we've been enjoying spiked eggnog and mulled wine. This is definitely my favorite time of the year.

Looking forward to a camping trip at nearby sand dunes this weekend. Thanks for being so fun, November.

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