We're Buying a House!

We moved to Austin with the intent of making it our home for the next 5-10 years. I wanted enough time to settle in, get to know neighborhoods, and to sell my condo in Chicago before we started looking for a house to buy in ATX.

Taner and I had originally wanted to buy just outside of Austin. There are a lot of really beautiful small towns that would lend themselves to space for a shop for Taner and a lot of yard space for me --I want to keep expanding my garden and would love a few outdoor animals.

After some thinking, we realized we love Austin for it's lively feel--we aren't ready to leave the city yet. We kept that in mind, found a realtor, and have been looking at houses and driving through neighborhoods for the past few weeks.

I was in Boulder last week when Taner texted about a house that had been on his mind; it was in our favorite neighborhood and was perfect in every way. We decided to see it the day I got back to Austin. We fell in love immediately and were under contract two days later.

Before I met Taner, I owned a very small condo in Chicago. I've always loved small homes and spaces. Our new house is completely renovated and is just over 800 square feet. I am so excited to downsize again and only keep things that we love or need.

The next month is going to be crazy. Everything is already moving so quickly--I can't wait for this house to become our home.

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