Best Days

Sorry for my accidental hiatus--we've been busy. Taner started training at a new job and I've been focusing on selling my home in Chicago so we can start a house hunt here in Austin. As exciting and good as all this change is, it hasn't left us with much time or energy to explore. We were both very happy to get back into our Thursday routine of sleeping in and getting to know a new piece of Austin.

We woke up and headed to Live Oak Brewery where we had a few beers and then headed to Rusty Mule, a very cool bar/outdoor area just outside of Austin. We ate at a food truck and played Jenga...I lost every time (no surprise there).

We then headed to my favorite local brewery, Blue Owl, for a few more sour beers and headed home. Days like this are my favorite.

Also--thank you to everyone who voted in the Need Supply contest...I won! We came home to a huge box filled with goodies, it felt like Christmas.

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