Self Sufficiency

Shortly after moving to Austin we watched a documentary on becoming self sufficient and creating less waste. We've both heard the facts before but this time, we decided we wanted to change our lifestyle to become more earth friendly.

We started to compost last February. Taner and I are big coffee drinkers and vegetable eaters, it was easy to continue adding to our compost almost daily. When the weather warmed up, we started a garden. We have herbs (rosemary, lavender, and citronella for the mosquitos) and a few vegetables (squash, kale, cabbage) but we are still learning what will do best in this Texas heat.

We've started recycling more, started by downsizing our trash bin (we never fill it weekly). We use what we can around our home; the tree in our backyard died recently, Taner had it cut into stumps we use as seats outside, the rest has become wood for our weekend bonfires.

I'm excited to get a house of our own so we can expand our garden and get some fruit trees and animals (chickens, maybe bees) but am proud of the progress we have made so far. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy all the squash fries and rosemary simple syrup we've been making at home.

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