Last Stop

On our last non travel day, we headed to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. The flats are at a rest stop off of the highway and are unexpectedly beautiful. There are yearly motorcycle races there when the flats are dry--we were hoping to catch a practice but everything was still wet when we arrived. I had a hard time leaving, everything was so picturesque!

After the flats, we drove to Salt Lake to grab a beer at Uinta Brewery. If you're in the area, stop by. Utah has some crazy drinking laws but we enjoyed grabbing a bite and a few beers before packing and eventually heading home the next morning.

This was our second (hopefully annual) road trip and it was very different from our last. We've become better travelers and campers. We realized that we love back country camping but it is less than ideal when we are only at a national park for a day or two; we prefer to spend that time hiking to something beautiful, not just a camp site. I've become a pro at setting up our tent and Taner is a champ at making fires. He is a great travel partner and I'm grateful that we can experience all of these beautiful places together.

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