Birthday Surprise #2 & 3

We had a motorcycle trip planned last week but called it off due to rain. Instead I decided to give Taner his birthday gift early. He has been working on motorcycles for the past few years and created Hard Row Customs just before we moved to Austin--the shop in our backyard helped make his dream a reality. I teamed up with The Wild Standard to make the beauty below, it turned out great.

Thursday evening, we got dressed and went to our favorite restaurant, El Sapo. I told him I wanted to go to special dinner before we left for our trip; he had no idea our closest Austin friends would be joining us. We ate burgers, enjoyed some tequila, and had a great night.

Since then I've had my aura read and Nora got a haircut. We also booked a tour of Alcatraz and a hotel in Vegas. Is it Thursday yet?

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